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Floor Sweeper For Rent In Ontario:

Tennant S20 Mid-sized Rider Sweeper

  • Free 30 minute on-site training
  • Up to 70,000 sq. ft. per hour
  • Clean indoors and out, while maintaining a high level of performance
  • Improve operator safety with low 80 dBA noise rating and innovative cab forward design
  • Deliver unparalleled sweeping performance with the SweepSmart™ 3-stage  system that prevents dust from kicking up.
  • Ideal for manufacturing facilities, distribution centers and underground garages
  • 56 inch sweep path
  • Propane powered

All Rentals Include 30 Minutes Of On-Site Training For FREE!

  • Daily Rental Rate

  • $300
    per day
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  • Weekly Rental Rate

  • $1000
    per week
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Tennant Industrial Floor Cleaning Machine Rentals – Scrubbers, Sweepers and Micro Rider Floor Cleaners

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The Most Quiet, Most Productive Indoor/Outdoor Floor Sweeper Rental Available.

Engineered for reliable, industrial-strength sweeping, the Tennant S20 rider sweeper improves indoor and outdoor performance, significantly reduces sound levels and features the exclusive SweepSmart™ dust control system.

Breathe Healthier Air

Create an environment that has cleaner air by delivering an effective, sparkling clean while stifling dust with the innovative SweepSmart™ dust control system. This 3-stage system filters sub-micron dust particles.

Unmatched Sweeping Performance

These machines are perfected for versatility. From fine grains of sand to light debris, the Tennant S20 will have no trouble picking it up. With highly flexible indoor/outdoor capabilities, this machine will perform flawlessly on almost any terrain or surface.

Maximum Safety

Improve operator safety with low noise rating, intuitive operation and superior sight-lines with a cab forward design.