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Walk-Behind Floor Scrubber For Rent:

Pacific S20 Walk-Behind Floor Scrubber

  • Free 30 minute on-site training
  • Up to 12,000 sq. ft. per hour
  • 3.5 hrs run-time (depending on work surface)
  • This floor scrubber cleans and dries floors quickly, leaving them almost immediately safe for traffic
  • Quietly clean noise sensitive environments with sound levels down to 60 dBA
  • Easily cleanable solution and recovery tanks
  • Suitable for small retail environments, small industrial / warehouse facilities and office spaces
  • Don’t kneel or strain your back again with automatic on/off brush system
  • 20 inch scrub path
  • Battery powered

All Rentals Include 30 Minutes Of On-Site Training For FREE!

  • Daily Rental Rate

  • $190
    per day
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  • Weekly Rental Rate

  • $500
    per week
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A High Performance Walk-Behind Scrubber Machine

Maintain A Healthy Environment In Your Facility

Hygenic tanks allow for easy access help eliminate contamination such as mold, bacteria which commonly grow in enclosed tanks.

Flexible Schedules, Clean Anytime

Quiet operation means flexible cleaning schedules.

Stop Leaving Behind Cleaning Solution

Even around the sharpest 180-degree turns, the Pacific S20 squeegee recovers cleaning solution from the floor.

Applications Include:
  • Daily scrubbing and project work (deep scrub or strip jobs) of smaller facilities
  • Dedicated facility or multi-facility route cleaning programs
  • Small rooms, detail or edge cleaning in larger facilities
  • Grout and porous floor scrubbing
  • Entry-way and lobbies
  • Check-out aisles
  • Spill clean-up and water recovery